Welcome to our family website. As a family you have many feeds on the ground. This arises many topics and good and bad experiences are made. Some of these topics and experiences we would like to share. But only in a way we can control.

About this family blog

We are sure, that everyone likes to have a look at his photo album or diary more often then it is possible. Maybe already stored in the parents' attic, it is hard to get ist. So wouldn't it be better to have both in the now almost everywhere available Internet? The answer may be obvious, but there are more arguments and not all of them are in favor of a family website.

Blogosphere vs Social Media

There was a time when the blogosphere was a big part of the future of the Internet. Today everyone talks about Facebook, Twitter and co. Is this the right vision?


Today many things are shared in public. We do not share this "life style" and have protected our content for us, our friends and acquaintances. Log in to view this content.

Latest topics

Everyone can choose how fast time is running by. This is not only a question of age. But whether young or old, whether relaxed or in the midst of stress: everyone has some latest topics. Here are ours!